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PC Registry Shield

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  • Startup Manager
  • Settings
  • Optimize and defragment Registry
  • Main Screen
  • Main window
  • Scanning Window
  • About Window
  • Settings Window
  • Backup Window
  • Optimize Registry

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Pedro Castro Senior editor

In recent years, there has been an upsurge of system optimizers. This is completely justified if we take into consideration that system problems and inadequate configurations may hinder your hardware’s performance to a high degree. PC Registry Shield promises to help you restore your computer’s out-of-the-box speed.
In terms of interface design, its developers have adopted the layout that has become typical to this type of tools. In this regard, information is grouped into tabs related to such tasks as scanning for problems, cleaning, defragmenting or restoring the registry, and managing startup items.

Most problems that slow down your computer are originated from obsolete or erroneous entries in the registry, but messing with it is a complicated matter, and so is deciding which optimizer to use. CCleaner is widely recognized as one of the best tools to optimize your system, so I usually use it to benchmark other similar utilities. In this regard, all I can say about PC Registry Shield is that it allegedly found some problems right after I had used CCleaner. However, I didn’t have the chance to actually measure the impact of solving those issues because the trial version of PC Registry Shield wouldn’t let me do that.

In general, I don’t really think PC Registry Shield has anything new to offer, as most system optimizers can do much more than just fixing system errors, erasing old data, defragmenting the registry and managing startup lists. However, I won’t discourage you from giving it a try.


  • It is easy to use.
  • Nice interface.


  • The trial version does not allow you to verify its effectiveness.

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    Guest 2 years ago

    Somehow the program PC Registry Shield 2.5.0 came into my computer. I let it scan the machine. It found 24 Errors. I click on FIX NOW. Then I need to pay the fee. I don't want to pay for it. It promised to fix 10 errors. But it did not do so. I let it scan again and there were still 24 errors.
    Now I wanted to delete the program from my computer. Now the new pop-up window promised to fix 100 errors, so I did not delete the program at that time. Again it scaned the computer and still wanted me to pay 39 US$. I waited for this 100 errors fix that never came.
    After all this it should be obvious when the developer promises but doesn't keep the promise, I will delete the program and never install it again. Those that don't keep their promises only get enemies. Thank's for nothing.


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